The newest poster for The Purge TV Series has arrived ahead of its release for tonight’s first episode

The new purge TV show has released a new poster ahead of its release for tonight’s first episode out of the ten episodes arc and the poster brings to the nostalgia of the original purge.

Now the series has had it’s up and downs to mixed reactions which seems to be the new Saw franchise with a new installment every year.

There’s a lot of pros and cons to that quick turn around but seeing how the purge came to be in a TV sounds interesting and Jason Blum again tries his take with TV already giving us the best TV show of the year so far in Sharp Objects and his new show Ghoul on Netflix, it will be interesting to see the type of success it will have.

I know I will be tuning into the pot so I can post my review shortly after. Are you going to purge along with us for the series or will be barricading the doors and avoiding the purge?

The synopsis for the show is: Set in an altered United States, several unrelated people discover how far they will go to survive a night where all crime is legal for 12 hours.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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