Norman Reedus wants to play Ghostrider

Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame , appearing in the series as Daryl, has recently shared his interest in what comic book character he would like to play on the Silver screen.

Appearing at Walker Stalker Con’s “ An Evening with Norman & Jeffrey”, Reedus and his costar Jeffrey Dean Morgan were both asked the popular question of which comic book characters they would love to play. Reedus answered almost immediately: “Ghost Rider would be fun. Silver Surfer would be fun.”

The choices Reedus made are very befitting to himself. Reedus is a real life surfer enthusiast. And along with himself and his character Daryl on The Walking Dead, Johnny Blaze’s preferred method of transport is a motorcycle. Reedus even has a reality show featured on AMC, Ride with Norman Reedus, where he travels the world via motorcycle.

Both Marvel Characters properties were owned by different studios. 20th Century Fox held the rights to the galactic Surfer and the Spirit of Vengeance rights belonged to Sony. Both characters had their day on the big screen but neither managed to fare well with fans or critics. The less we talk about those films the better.

There was a Silver Surfer script in the works by Brian K. Vaughn but with the Disney and Fox merger that may potentially be a lost cause. Whether Reedus could have fit into that project is anyone’s guess and we may never know. But there might be some light at the end of that tunnel, with Marvel Studios reclaiming the rights to Ghostrider and Disney’s purchase of Fox will have Marvel Studios acquiring back various properties.

Here’s hoping that if Marvel Studios decides to bring Ghost Rider to the big screen or even go the route they did with Daredevil and Jessica Jones and create a series on Netflix, I think Norman Reedus could be a hell of a good Johnny Blaze.

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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