Final R-Rated Predator trailer is full of Blood, Action and Predators

The final trailer to The Predator is loaded with blood, action and what is going to make this movie fun and kick ass: Predators.

This is the first trailer I really really enjoyed from The Predator. It has me all kinds of hyped for this movie now. It was loaded with scenes of the Yautja (Predator species) kicking ass and tearing people apart. It showed just about every weapon in the Predators arsenal in use and the outcome of using said weaponry.

There’s a scene in the trailer that I particularly thought was fantastic. In the quick shot you see a Predator with one of their extraterrestrial hunting dogs and he’s allowing the animal to get the scent of who or what they’re hunting. I love that shot because it gives you the notion that these creatures are hunters, sports hunters, but hunters nonetheless.
You might ask why would you need dogs if you have thermal vision? Well, I’m guessing they got the dogs once they realized that their thermal vision could be manipulated when someone covered themselves in mud like Arnie did in the original. Duh?!

Shane Black’s throwback to 80’s action films that a lot of us grew up on is going to be a lot of fun. The over top action and creature violence show that this may not be the most serious entry into the series but it’s going to give us what we want to see: Predators killing people in creative ways.

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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