The ‘A Quiet Place 2’ release date has been announced

The sequel to A Quiet place has been set for a 2020 release.

That’s a pretty quick turn around given the first one took us all by surprise this year letting us know John Krasinski has a career in serious films outside of The Office where he played the iconic character Jim.

There was little buzz about the movie when its trailers were released early in the year but then the thunderstorm that was “A Quiet Place” happened and became an instant classic that ranks with another big surprise when it came out “The Sixth Sense” I saw this twice in theaters.

Yet have watched the 4K I own but will make it a Halloween tradition. Not much is known so far on the sequel as of now noting it just got its release date.

We should be hearing news about the synopsis soon enough as of now the original synopsis for the first follows the Abbott family; mother, Evelyn (Emily Blunt), father, Lee (Krasinski) and their children (Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds).

When mysterious monsters come to earth, destroying all life that lives too loudly, the Abbotts have an unexpected leg up — their daughter, Regan (Simmonds), is hearing impaired and they already speak sign language, allowing them to communicate in silence without a hitch once the creatures come hunting. But this also places her at a distinct personal disadvantage — she can’t hear her environment, which means she can’t tell when the monsters are coming — a disadvantage demonstrated in heart-breaking detail in the film’s prologue. The well-meaning older sister hands her younger brother a toy, against her parent’s wishes, and when he activates the noise panel, she’s the closest to him, but the only one who doesn’t hear it. After her younger brother’s death, her relationship with her father is never the same, and she shoulders the weight of grief and guilt.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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