Serial killer lingers in the shadows within an amusement park in Lionsgate’s Hellfest

What happens when you have a masked serial killer on the loose in an amusement park?

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to Hellfest. College students Natalie, Brooke and friends, visit an annual amusement park during Halloween season, adaptly titiled Hellfest. Every year, copious amounts of citizens from all over go to experience the park but for one visitor, it’s not your typical enjoyment. For this person, it’s target practice. He turns the amusement park from fun Halloween-themed park into nightmare from Hell.

The attractions cover up the true horror that’s going on in the park. He then sets his eyes for the protagonists. They will have to survive the night and fight to survive.

This movie is going to be a fun ride for fans of the ‘Final Destatination’ franchise. This movie is going to have it all. This movie can definitely resurrect the slasher genre considering it became stale after awhile. Hopefully this movie can bring the genre back into the light. This film is starring Bex Taylor-Klaus, Amy Forsyth, Reign Edwards, Tony Todd, Matt Mercurio and Christian James. This film is going to be theatrically released on September 28, 2018.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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