[Review] What Keeps You Alive is a fantastic movie

What can I say? IFC Midnight did it again. Their new movie ‘What Keeps You Alive’ is set to release on VOD and in select theaters this friday and Infamous Horror had the chance to see it before its release.

To begin, ‘What Keeps You Alive’ is one of the most phenomenal Horror film i’ve seen in the last ten years. The storyline is amazing. The movie kept me on the edge on my seat the whole time. I had so much fun.

The two main actress were fantastics. No more words can describe their performance. It was stunning from the very first minute to the very last. The flashbacks used in the films were unbelievable. They explain very well what’s going on and they are at their right places.

My love for IFC Midnight started in 2009 when I first saw Dead Snow and the controversial The Human Centipede, written and directed by Tom Six. It was at this moment that I fell in love with how they pay attention to details.

What Keeps You Alive is for sure one of the best Horror film of the year. It deserves all its glory. Congrats to the writer and director of this film, Mr. Colin Minihan.




  • Colin Minihan (writer/director)
  • Hannah Emily Anderson (Jackie)
  • Brittany Allen (Jules)
  • Martha Maclsaac (Sarah)
  • Joey Klein (Daniel)


Review written by Team Chef Samuel Gauvin

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