‘The Conjuring House’ drags us into madness and despair

Independant game studio Rym Games is releasing their debut game The Conjuring House.

The game is set in the early 20th century in an abandoned Victorian manor and it has all the frights that we can ask for. In the game you play as a journalist who is investigating the disappearance of a team of parapsychologists and mediums. They were investigating paranormal activity in the manor but they all vanished. That’s where the journalist steps in to uncover what exactly happened to them.

The house is indeed haunted so we can expect demonic spirits, ghouls, and a mysterious woman that appears quite often. The game was greenlit two years ago but now has a projected window for release.

The game is a survival horror adventure game so expect side quests and non-linear gameplay. The side quests can be played in any order and different areas of the manor will change in real time depending on what’s going on in your experience. Fans of indie horror games like Amnesia, Layers of Fear, SOMA and Penumbra might be in for a scary treat. Be sure to play in the dark in order to get the full effect. The Conjuring House is being released on the PC via Steam this September.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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