The Nun trailer is pure nigthmare fuel

Earlier this week, Warner Brothers dropped two new teaser images and a new trailer for The Nun and its sure to be the next solid installment of The Conjuring universe.

Empire magazine, for their August 9th issue, revealed two images of The Nun. The first image has the nun herself reaching out from a doorway to grab someone. The second image is Valak stalking what looks to be Father Burke and he does not look too thrilled about that.

This film is supposed to take place in the year 1952, three years before Anabelle: Creation. Its the story of two individuals of the cloth, Father Burke and novice nun Sister Irene. They are sent from the Vatican to investigate a death of a nun at Carta Monestary in Romania.

The film was originally slated for a July release but Warner Bros. pushed the film back to September. Normally this could be a worry for studios not being fully confident in the film’s success but I doubt this is the case here. IT was a cashpool when it released last September so I’m sure this movie will be just fine. The Nun releases on September 7th.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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