Venom might be rated PG13 instead of a Rated R

Sony ruins our day again…

News came today that Venom might have a PG13 rating…. That’s basically telling us this is not a good enough product to have an R rating which we were promised even the director and Tom Hardy came out against Sony starting you can’t even trust them with putting out a teaser trailer.

Now this is so that one day we can see a spiderman and Venom crossover but will that even be worth it if we see Venom and arent pleased with it? At least DC has the rights to all their characters properties even if their movies arent as great as Marvel but hey what can you do? Maybe there will be a directors cut sometime in the future but in the meantime the outlook looks very dark and grim for Venom’s box office success.

We saw with Logan and Deadpool 1 and 2 even before with Watchmen and Blade fans want an R rated superhero flick. This comes after Sony finally released a decent looking trailer. Will you be seeing Venom no matter what? Or does a PG13 rating turn you off from watching the finished product in cinemas when it comes out October 5th 2018.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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