Hereditary is now A24’s most successful theatrical release

It’s great to see that horror films are still going strong.

A24 continues to lead the pack with their independent movie releases and now their latest film ‘Hereditary’, became their highest grossing film to date, beating ‘Lady Bird’.

The film has earned 43 million domestically and almost 79 million worldwide, surpassing ‘Lady Bird’ at 78 million. The film was a hit in places like Australia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and Korea.

There’s still some room for more releases of the film with a planned September release in China. The studio is teaming up with Hereditary director, Ari Aster once again for his sophomore Scandinavian horror film, ‘Midsommer’. It will be the studio’s largest budget on a project yet. A24 continues to deliver and their success keeps on coming.

Read our review and let us know what did you think of Hereditary.

Article written by Brandon Samuel



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