[REVIEW] I am God is intense as hell

This retro made short film is intense and dark also with great symbolism and symbolism that reminds of Nosferatu meets modern day war affairs it’s a really brilliantly made short that horror fans should enjoy.

The award winning Seattle lensed short film, (in here) I Am God, will have it’s theatrical world premiere at STIFF 2018 as part of their Indepenetration Extreme Genre Short Film block on Saturday, July 28.

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About the film:

In a remote war bunker a ruthless general exerts his will on a dedicated woman and an ambitious soldier.
This beautiful, devastating drama was inspired by writer, producer Nima Forghani’s experience growing up in 1980’s Iran; a country shattered by the Islamic revolution and war with Iraq.


Tiffany Astrid as “The Woman”
Douglas Mckenney as “The Soldier”
Nima Forghani as “The Monster”
Joseph Seuferling Co-Writer, Director, Cinematographer
Nima Forghani Co-Writer, Producer
Byron C. Miller Screenplay, Editor
Story of the film:
(in here) I am God is a dark drama highlighting many aspects of what Nima Forghani experienced growing up in 1980’s Iran, a country shattered by the Islamic revolution and war with Iraq.

This film draws from Nima’s childhood memories of observing daily struggles of the oppressed population and coping with the regime’s attempt to manipulate and divide society. Hiding in bomb shelters, listening to bombs raining overhead, seeing his mother hiding her hair behind a burqa to avoid the arrest and possible execution of moral police. Observing these events through childhood eyes inspired him to create this grim, dreamlike film.

(in here) I am God touches on the deep struggle of women in a male dominated society, where authoritarian men dictate the repression of sexuality and complete freedom. We witness the lives of a secretary being made to bow down to a cause she does not believe in, a tyrannical dictator embodying an unjust regime eager to eliminate any naysayers, and a weaker opportunist, eager to serve and willing to go against what he knows is right in order to gain a higher standing in society. Filmed inside a shadowy bunker, our story hopes to bring to light the truth in a dark society.

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