The Meg: Be Prepared to Jump Out of the Water

It wouldn’t be summer without the Discovery Channel’s shark week and an obligatory deep water action/horror movie.

Although Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic Jaws sits atop the Mount Rushmore of Hollywood films, many shark movies since (pardon the upcoming slew of puns) have simply flopped while taking a bite out of one’s wallet, time, and soul…all of which could never be returned.

The modest hesitation some movie goers may have about seeing the upcoming film The Meg is understandable. At best, viewers can be hopeful that the final product will produce a legitimate fear of the water like the time-tested Jaws. Or perhaps, the film will provideSharknado-esque silliness that provides a respite from real life.

Many movie reviewers and critics have begun to release general observations on social media. In general, the comments suggest that this film is an enjoyable experience. It’s no Jaws(and it doesn’t claim to be) but, thankfully, it is noDeep Blue Sea either.

The overall premise of the film is that a crew of an undersea observation program has accidentally disturbed the environment of a 75 foot prehistoric shark and needs saving.

And who better to save them then, Jason Statham? The casting of Statham makes for an interesting choice, as it has one wondering, “what, is the main hero of the film going to do, kick and punch his way to victory over this gargantuan human eater?”

Although that answer must wait until the film is viewed, the plot and casting decisions (including Statham and Li Bingbing) have created a positive buzz surrounding the film.

Most indications point to a movie that is full of humans being decimated by a vastly superior natural underwater predator. Humans may have reasoning and character in their arsenal, but this species ofMegalodon has millions of years of genetic evolution in the water at its disposal. In other words, be prepared to see many people lose limbs galore or even be devoured as a whole. Humans as hors d’oeuvres in a deep ocean banquet. What fun!

Considering the fact that humans have not been able to explore the deepest parts of the oceans, and that some people freak out when they are in the ocean and unable to feel the bottom, this movie could in fact get more people out of the water than its predecessors.


Article written by Michael Donaldson

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