The New Mutants & X-men: Dark Phoenix may never see the light

Well some new rumors have surfaced as Disney gets closer to closing their deal with Fox and these rumors concern New Mutants’ and X-men: Dark Phoenix’s releases ever seeing the light of day.

Dark Phoenix was already pushed back to February and a trailer still hasn’t been seen while principal photography finished a ways back and with extensive reshoots taking place for New Mutants, it’s pretty obvious that both films are in some trouble. An apparent insider has leaked some details on both of the films from Marvel. These rumors originated on a Superhero Hype Forum (a site, unlike Reddit, that has moderators) from a seemingly trusted user.

Now all the information, which is rather shocking, should still be considered as a rumor. There seems to be quite a lot of believable information that has been leaked from what went wrong with the films, plans to scrap both projects, and characters being added last minute to Josh Boone’s New Mutants.

The original vision for New Mutants was to see the film as an R-rated adventure focusing on a few of the mutant characters and their lives in the X-mansion. It would have put its focus on typical teenage interactions, while following closely in the footsteps of the Deadpool films, and seeing life in the mansion through the eyes of the students.

This idea was to have the first installment be an introduction to the characters and was set to feature Sentinels as a major set piece and remain faithful to the source material. If successful the sequel would have been darker.

This version was seen as to expensive by the studio so changes had to be made. This time Josh Boone was taking the reigns and going for a superhero horror film. Really a horror movie which just happened to have superheroes in it. The end result, from what was seen in the trailer, was fairly generic and didn’t respond well with fans and the general audience.
Also word around the campfire was that people involved in the film warned Boone and executives about going this route with the characters wouldn’t work and despite their warnings they continued to veer further away from the source material and rely heavily on the horror elements. Originally envisioned as the big baddie of the film, Demon Bear, also had its role cut down to just one action sequence. And Demon Bear was what really intrigued me when I first heard about this film. Well, that and Anya Taylor Joy. And I wouldn’t expect to be seeing her in any X-men films after this either due to the fact that it’s said that she had problems with someone else in the cast.

Now, reshoots were taking place to supposedly make New Mutants scarier but instead they were actually to make the film have more heart and steer closer to the source material. After disastrous test screenings, the studio immediately started trying to scrape together what worked and save the film and make it at the very least, watchable. New Mutants is being compared to the disaster that was 2015’s Fantastic Four reboot and Josh Boone is being compared to Josh Trank, the director of Fantastic Four. Both directors have been said to have struggled with taking on the task of a big budget blockbuster and while both were extremely confident in the movies they were making its said, that both were very hostile to their films’ crews.

As the movie was retooled Boone became the director in name alone. And it’s said that the new character that was added to the film was Logan’s X-23 and a subplot was also going to feature Colossus searching for his sister. Now the latter is said to have been scrapped but the femme fatale X-23 is said to still be featured in the film or at least popping in for a quick cameo.

The Disney/Fox shareholder vote is to take place tomorrow and it’s said that once all is said and done and approved both, New Mutants and Dark Phoenix will be officially cancelled. Fox didn’t want to face a PR nightmare like they did with 2015’s Fantastic Four and Disney sure as hell doesn’t want to either. It can easily be spun in to the fact that Disney wants to reboot the franchises for the Marvel Cinematic Universe but it will be a costly move. It’s said that the reshoots are still taking place due to contractual agreements but still we may never get to see any thing else with these films. Unless, someone leaks the full length features for both films.

Also some more rumors that were leaked are that the Gambit film that has been stuck in development hell is definitely not happening. Any other spinoffs that were rumored to be in preproduction are being trashed as well.

Good news on the Deadpool front though, fans have been worried that with Disney’s acquisition that Deadpool could be in trouble, but from the sound of it that is the one franchise Disney is happy with and is keeping separate from their Marvel Cinematic Universe. They even have a rumored working title for the next film in Deadpool’s trilogy Deadpool 3: X-Force. It would be cool to still see Deadpool 3. But at this no informations has been released for Deadpool 3.

EDIT: It seems as if according to an earnings report from IMAX that New Mutants and Dark Phoenix will both be released in 2019 despite rumors and conflicting reports stating otherwise. Things may still change but it seems as if Disney will not be stopping New Mutants and Dark Phoenix from having a theatrical release.

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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