Child’s Play reboot moving forward

We recently found out that MGM is planning to go ahead with a reboot of the 80’s classic horror movie Child’s Play.

In the original film, murderer Charles Lee Ray, running from the cops is gunned down and finds himself dying, cornered in a toy store and uses dark magic to transfer his soul into a doll. A Good Guy doll. The possessed doll named Chucky then terrorizes a young boy, Andy Barclay and his mother, Karen Barclay, after she brings the doll home as a gift.

After Chucky kills Andy’s babysitter he realizes the doll is alive and tries to warn everyone but ends up being institutionalized in his efforts. Now Karen must convince everyone of the dolls intentions before Chucky succeeds in trying to transfer his soul out of the doll and into the boy.

The original film is a classic and isn’t near as tongue-in-cheek as its sequels and actually had some pretty good scary moments. How close to the original the reboot will come to follow remains to be seen but we do have some info on who the studio is looking to play the mother in the film. Liv Tyler.

According to That Hashtag Show, Liv Tyler, has been offered the role of Andy’s mother, Karen. In the original film, good ole Chucky, gives her one hell of a hard time in trying to possess her young son.

At the moment there’s nothing stating that Liv Tyler has accepted to take on the role but we will definitely keep you updated.

Polaroid director, Lars Klevberg, is set to helm the film with a script written by Tyler Burton Smith. Seth Grahame-Smith (IT) and David Katzenberg will produce.

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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