The infamous game the dark web birthed

Sad Satan is a first person PC game built with the TERROR ENGINE and was first reported on the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner on June 15, 2015.

In the game, the player navigates through a maze of hallways as distorted creepy music and audio recordings play in the background. As the player progresses disturbing images fill the screen, the images range from pictures of known serial killers, upclose pictures of accidents to pictures of JFK and baphomets.

There are multiple versions of the game. Some of the content that has been nefarious with the game has also said to have images of child pornography and recordings played backwards along with Wingdings and symbols that have been decrypted by some Reddit users to say things that range from,” hail 666”, “kill,kill, and kill again” to “ I can track you”.

Now majority of this content has only been talked about on blogs and after the game was popularized by the owner of the YouTube channel specified above.

I myself have played the game but the version I played was said to be a cloned version and edited. It was creepy nonetheless. There were these creepy little beings that pop up on the screen that resembled kids and just random weird stuff and I can honestly say it creeped me out. What was really creepy was at points it would cutoff and there would be a Notepad file that would constantly pop up on the desktop and some times after turning off the computer it wouldn’t turn back on and once it did it would lag. TERRIFYING right?

I recommend if you are really curious about the game, read up on it and check out some of the YouTube videos about it. There is nothing to the game that I would recommend that anyone should play it or download it EVER but I do think the rumored history of it is interesting and worth a good read and the videos are worth checking out.

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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