A Creepy Doll Just Became A Whole Lot Creepier

Some huge news came out of San Diego Comic Con this past weekend – and it had nothing to do with yet another superhero film.

In the final moments of the convention’s ScareDiego event, New Line Cinema announced a third installment of Annabelle.

Gary Dauberman will be making his directorial debut with Annabelle 3, and while film critics will certainly examine his eye behind the camera, the overall premise and plot of the film makes it a film worth anticipating.

James Wan, the brilliant creator of the Conjuring Universe, teased horror fans by stating:

“Annabelle basically activates all the other haunted artifacts in that room, so it’s basically Night at the Museum with Annabelle.”

Just imagine. Instead of a busted and beaten museum security guard, there will be parapsychologists.

Instead of an awakened ancient Egyptian, Annabelle will once again be looking to cause havoc.

Instead of friendly artifacts-like Teddy Roosevelt-coming to life to aid the film’s protagonist, evil and sadistic artifacts belonging to the Warrens’ unintended little shop of horrors will be out tocause mayhem, potentially destroying the life the Warrens have created.

It is speculated that Judy, the Warrens’ ten year old daughter, will be at the center of attention, barraged by demonic dolls called on by Annabelle herself.

This premise is vastly different than the rest of the Conjuring universe, but that is what makes it so intriguing. This film will not only reunite Annabelle with the Warrens in ways previously unseen, but it promises to provide Annabelle with abilities that could make her even scarier than the creepy doll that she already is.

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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