The Devil’s Doorway is one of the best Found Footage

This is a brilliant found footage film that is the best one since Cloverfield.

The camera work brings excellent results not giving anybody any motion sickness as it at least steady most of the time of the course.

it will jump time to time that’s about it and in any found footage films a lot of them are hanging on the cast and crews abilities to make it believable.

This one has excellent performances throughout and for a low budget it has great thrills. The priest played by Lalor Roddy gives the film much needed grace(get the pun? Hah) the material he has been given gave him the chance and opportunity to shine. This film really works.

On all scales from the first act to the final act theres never a dull moment and the hymn is an amazing end credits that let’s you just sit on the haunting ending. The priest and possessed nun have a great encounter at the end I dont want to give many spoilers on this for it’s truly a great found footage that needs to be seen. I just wish it was on the big screen.

Article by Aaron Friar

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