[REVIEW] Who’s Watching Oliver is a badass movie

Who’s Watching Oliver looks to be like an underground cult classic that spawned in 2017 to many great and powerful reviews.

[Attention Spoilers]

The movie starts off in a frantic motion of Oliver organizing what seems to be medication telling us he has issues. The music chosen for the opening sequence is awesome. From the beginning the director shows you that they’re setting out to make more than a typical horror movie. This is a real showcase for Russell Geoffrey Banks who really kills every monologue he has. The awkwardness of the pick up line at the bar has appeal to dark humor. As we go back to Oliver’s place we see the girl do lines of cocaine while Oliver undresses and puts his mom on Skype to watch him kill. This instantly turns into “Psycho for the torture porn era”. Russell here shows really good shattering torn emotions about what just happened. He’s really conflicted about the life his mother is forcing upon him. This is an interesting character study Oliver almost completely changes from day to night. In the day time he is a gentleman that can somewhat operate in the real world. At night however everything changes as soon as his mom gets involved. When Sophia gets involved we see Oliver making a real effort to change. Can she be his saving grace from his double life as a serial killer by night? The date between Sophia and Oliver is a really nice sequence to see his interaction with a female you’re hoping he’s really into and not plotting to kill for his moms pleasure. Sara Malakul Lane lights up the whole screen with her smile she is fantastic in her role. Maragaret Roche is also a scene stealer as Mama almost playing it like Jackie Weaver. I can not speak highly enough of how Russell is portraying Oliver. However I will say for my stomach and if you have a weak stomach the torture sequences might be a bit much but it is well worth looking away for the story in the center of the film. As we see Sophia following Oliver at night after he mumbles “I gotta find someone for my mom” Our hearts begin to break, we see Oliver having visions of the first girl we saw him kill it’s obvious he’s having a breakdown. The kill in his apartment while he stands up Sophia is very sloppy and drags on a few minutes could have been shaved off for here for a deleted scene or a two. Now we see Oliver wake up and meet Sophia in the park….. It was a very surprising ending with a Sophia still sticking with Oliver. This was a very solid independent horror feature. Like I said before however the torture parts were a little much for me. Overall I would give this film a 4/5 stars.

Synopsis :

Who’s watching Oliver tells the story of a mentally unstable loner lost in a life forced upon him. By night Oliver aimlessly wanders the streets and bars on what can only be described as a truly shocking and humiliating killing spree. His only savior and possible way out of a life he is desperate to escape comes in the form of the beautiful Sophia with her sweet eccentricity and naivety to the danger she has put herself in.


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