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We at infamous horrors don’t usually interview music acts but this one is a special one. One of the most infamous horrorcore artists of all time. SickTanicK joins us here today.

1) What got you into music and how did you decide to be an horrorcore artists?

A: Whats

good man thanks so much for having me! The goal was actually not to be Horrorcore, but in fact to be moreso an innovator of the “Extreme” side of rap music. When I first first started my original goal was to be a mixture of “Deicide” amd “GG Allin” but with rap music because at that time no one was really doing the “Evil” stuff anymore as it seemed that everyone had kind have moved on to do more of the “Horrorcore Hack & Slash” style. I have never been much of a Hack & Slash rapper, while I have some songs like that I have always focused more on religion and the occult when it comes to my content. As far as what got me into music, it’s always just been something inside of me. Ever since I was a small child I have had a passion for it be it listening to it, learning how to play my favorite songs on Piano / Guitar etc, but the goal was to just do something musically. Before I was a rapper I was in a metal band, and before that I did Industrial / Electronic music.

2) Was there any previous horror films or music that inspired your albums and songs?

A: The

one album of mine I actually consider to be a “True Horrorcore” record was one I did back in 2009 / 2010 called “The Lament Configuration”. It was a complete concept album based on the Hellraiser movie series which has always been my favorite in thegenre. It was the only movies when I was little that genuinely had an effect on me. I was raised on Horror movies, and out of all the “Slashers” and “Killers” Pinhead and the Cenobytes were the only ones who frightened me, but with that also came a certain level of intrigue that stays with me to this day. As far as music man I was pretty much raised on Metal. Slayer, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Devourment etc etc and then what rap I listened to was like, Spice 1, Gheto Boys, Esham etc etc.

3) When you first started out what did you find the most difficult and also the most fun you had starting out?

A: Honestly

I didn’t really find starting out hard, not because my music was really good or that i felt I was anything special or anything like that but moreso because it all came natural to me. Getting people to listen could be troublesome at times but at that point in my career the internet was starting to boom with its first social media sites and of course with classic forums and what not which made it much easier to reach my demographic. In my mind I had no choice but to “Make it” in music, and by that I mean be comfortable. Its never been about being rich or famous, I never had unrealistic goals like that, but at the time there was a huge open space to capitalize on as far as marketing and online hustle so I did exactly that. You have to be willing to losemoney when you first start, music rarely turns profitable, but in order for it to do so you have to invest and be willing to lose or invest in things that have more of a later return than an immediate.

4) When you made your first album where did the title originate from?

A: My

very first album was actually called “Chapter 1 : Doctrines Of The Damned” which I recorded in 2004, it’s an Occult based saga I wanted to do in 3 seperate Chapters or (albums). When the record was done something just wasnt right (outside of the fact that it sucked). So I wanted to do a “Prequel” type of deal, so it was at that time that “Premanitions” was born which was my first release as SickTanicK. The name itself is actually a play on words which is also why its mispelled. Pre (as in before) Man (as in man / woman) and then the last part is “Visions” so “Pre-Man-Visions” – “Pre-man-itions”. The thought was that this album was composed before the eventual
“Posession” that takes place on the first song of the eventual album (that I would re-record and re-produce) that I also mentioned earlier called ” Chapter 1 : Doctrines Of The Damned”. In 20/20 hindsight its actually really odd the way it all came together as “The Doctrines” ended up being what I defined as “Occult Rap”, being that I took my first real life Occult Initiations which ended up becoming the focal point from then on, so one could say that Premanitions was the profane me, before I was illuminated by taking Initiation.

5)For those on the site who may not know of your music what would be your personal recommendations for a first time listener? I know mine would be if I can’t have you no one can.

A: I

would say check out my songs “Sinematic”, “7 Vital Sins” and “Prometheus”. I think between those 3 tracks is a showcase of what the true essence of SickTanicK represents.

6) When making a music video for one of your songs like Faust do you have to plan out a script to have everyone on the same page on how it will all unfold?

A: I

always have a script and typically a story board before filming. Because my music is more so on the symbolic side the symbolism has to be on point to properly relay the message I am trying to get across to the listener. I start with a general concept or “feel” I want for the video and expand upon it from there and re-do it until I feel it is what I want it to be. Then I set a shooting schedule, and get it done. Mind you, what I am talking about above is when i do my own music video, when I outsource someone else or a company to do it I always start with some conceptual notes and then get with the producer(s) and director and then expand taking thier ideas to mind. I usually like to keep most of the creative control, but it also depends on who I am working with and how we vibe together.

7) Also when conducting a horror video what is your typical budget for the shooting process.

A: Most

of my videos have more of a Dark / Symbolic feel to them instead of pure Horror (with maybe the exception of my video for Exorkismos, which was heavily influenced by the film The Exorcist) which was actually not done by me,but rather a production company out of Albuquerque NM called “Red Star Productions” who did an exceptional job with it. The budget varies depending on how much outsourcing I do, but typically a video of mine ranges from $500 to $1500 budget wise.

8)If you had any advice for people looking to get into the music industry what would you tell them?

A: Never

forget your roots, and always stay true to yourself. Always take what your friends and loved ones tell you with a grain of salt, they want to see you succeed, but they aren’t gonna be the ones that end up making or breaking you. if you are looking to do music on a professional level and not just a hobby always rmemeber what you put into something is what you are going to get out of it, leave everything you love and make music, use that as motivation to make yourself a better artist, and always dream big but keep your actual expectations reasonable, most of you wont ever make it, you have to know that.

Much love and many thanks for having me, I genuinely appreciate it! If you want to learn more about SickTanicK please visit my official website : SICKTANICK.COM
Thank you for joining us today SickTanicK.

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