[REVIEW] The First Purge is violent as hell

After Three Purge, it’s time to go back to the beginning.

Today, The First Purge has been released in theaters and holy sh*t, this very first Purge was violent. The movie starts slowly with poor moments that could have been removed. However, when the alarm shows up, and almost everyone is ready to purge, the fun begins.

During the Purge, we see alot of violence, with some jump scares that actually work very well. We also see some amazing characters including Skeleton. I won’t say anything on him but this actor was insane. The way he play his role is phenomenal. He is creepy as hell.

The masks for this first Purge are, in my opinion, scarier than the others used in the previous films.

I would give this movie a big 8/10. I am also pumped to see the TV Series.

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