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After a hard day of working at a refinery during an outage/ shutdown its hard to unwind and really relax.

The days stressors and irritants take its toll on you. Not to mention, the recent incident that occurred that was news worthy and has been on everyone’s mind, that works at this plant, since. But today I was welcomed to a breath of fresh air when I was tasked with a phone interview with a very admirable and multitalented man by the name of Byron C. Miller. A name that I am very sure will come to be a household name in the near future.

After getting home I grabbed my phone and began to call Byron when I accidentally hung up and was immediately surprised to see and hear my phone ringing with Byron returning my accidental disconnected original call. The voice that came through the other end was surprising and not what I expected at all. Once I began talking to him I felt like I had known him for years. A very down to earth guy that seems to be an average joe but who’s ready to take every entertainment media by the horns and give everyone a taste of what Byron C. Miller has to offer.

Byron C. Miller grew up in Owensboro, Kentucky and looked forward to Sammy Terry’s Nightmare Theater, which would showcase a horror movie marathon. Watching horror movies and listening to shock rock to glam rock groups like Alice Cooper and David Bowie, Byron got an itch for the entertainment industry, especially the horror genre. He wanted to tackle writing stories and novels and then was pulled in to the movie aspect of horror.

“I always wanted to be in the movie industry,” he says. “Like write Stephen King inspired type novels and shit. I wanted to also do makeup and special effects but really just make fucking horror movies!!”

“I can’t help but create and put things out there,” Byron tells me through the phone. And I can’t help but picture him with a shit eating grin as if he has something up his sleeve and is planning on scaring the shit out of all of us one way or another.

From writing screenplays, lyrics for his band, editing, or making a movie, Byron has been dipping his toes in all of it. Lyricist, writer, editor, director, Byron C. Miller is a man of many talents. His band Ghosts in the Graveyard isn’t mainstream but you can find it on Spotify. He writes and is the lead singer and has made several music videos to accompany his music. The music video he has said to be most proud of is for “Thirteen Ways to Die” by Ghost on the Graveyard. He describes it compares it to Mr. Toads Wild Ride through the history of horror. He rendered all the digital effects after shooting the video all on green screen.

Byron has a few feature films under his belt and quite a few things that are being shopped around now as well. His first feature film NIGHT (2006) he himself describes as “Lethal Weapon meets Lost Boys on a dollar store budget,” is available on DVD from Brain Damage Films. He says that his experience on this film taught him a lot and basically was a great learning experience. He was director, cinematographer, editor, producer, writer and “HAD TO BE OUT OF HIS DAMN MIND”, his words.

After his first feature film he directed some shorts but mostly directed a lot of music videos for several different bands including, Cylab, Labyrnth, and the Endless Sunder. He eventually directed his second feature The Anatomy of Monsters. On a very small budget he managed to bring together a very talented cast and crew and focus mainly on directing this time around. The film he describes as a “psychological horror film about our darkest impulses”, is available on DVD and available to stream as well.

After speaking with Byron through phone conversations and email I am looking forward to all of his upcoming projects. Two films that he has currently in development are Unwelcome (Home Invasion thriller meets terrifying Haunted House Horror) and his dream project FRIGHT. “About a TV Horror Host turned legendary, theatrical killer that stalks a group of quirky 20 somethings.”

Byron C Miller is one hell of a busy man and I really do see him becoming a household name in the near future. My wife and friends of mine have all started looking in to his work and every one seems to agree that the guy is talented and is passionate about what he’s doing.

If you want to check out Byron C Miller you can check him out on a new horror web show, Midnight Monster Club, where he and a friend, vlogger Nick Frank, will dive into a horror film or franchise that one of whom knows well and the other has never seen.

Being as cool as he is Byron shared some of his favorite films that have inspired him and if you haven’t seen these you should definitely check them out: Richard Stanley’s Dust Devil (The Final Cut)….but some of my other faves include… The Legend of Hell House, Evil Dead 2, Carpenter’s Halloween and The Thing, Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, It Follows, The Excorcist, Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives, Re-Animator, Near Dark, The Return of the Living Dead

Trailers for Byron C Miller’s films


Anatomy of Monsters:

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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