Another look at Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell

Rob Zombie is slowly releasing information on his highly anticipated follow up to The Devil’s Rejects.

Fans of the two films that proceeded his new film are eagerly awaiting a synopsis and plot info due to the the climatic ending that had Baby, Ottis and Captain Spaulding being gunned down by police officers at a road block as they raced into the hail of bullets.

Zombie once again took to Instagram to release a production image of Sherri Moon Zombie’s Baby being removed from court after a violent outburst. In the image you can see Baby wearing a T-shirt with FREE BABY under some mugshots of herself. Accompanying her our several guards.

From the Omar, Bill Mosley, Sid Haig, and Zombie’s wife Sherri Moon Zombie will all be reprising their roles as Ottis Driftwood, Captain Spaulding and Vera-Ellen “Baby” Firefly. Other members of the talented cast include Danny Trejo (Machete), Dee Wallace (Howling), Clint Howard (Solo: A Star Wars Story), Richard Brake (Batman Begins) and Jeff Daniel Phillips as Warden Virgil Dallas Harper.

A release date has not yet been confirmed and how the Firefly family returns from the grave is yet to be seen. So stay up to date with us as new information is released.

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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