Hereditary: scariest movie of all time? It’s up for debate.

By far the scariest movie of the decade, possibly of all time, easily top five.

A24 has given us another indie horror gem of a thrill ride. Believe the hype with this one it currently stands at an astonishing 93% on Rotten Tomatoes but has a brutal D+ audience score mainly because this is the generation of jump scares fast pacing gore driven horror.

Yeah tell me how much you enjoyed Happy Death Day and thought this was the stupidest thing ever. ?

Hereditary is what Oscars are made of Toni Collette has never been better being a force of nature dominating the screen. Making your head turn around at every twist and turn, now from the look of the trailer I went into this movie thinking that the Mother would get her Mom’s mental illness passed down to her some way. Then the movie went into a completely different way.

Let me warn you this is not the kind horror movie you will have fun watching it’s bleak it’s dark as hell cynical and all atmospheric if you don’t like old school movies steer clear. If you fans of the old psychological slow burns you’ll simply love every minute of this cinematic masterpiece.

One person that stole the movie and really surprised me was Alex Wolff(My Friend Dahmer) as Peter he really held his part believable throughout the whole movie even when he was crying out of fear. The one scene at the end I’m still trying to wrap my head around. I just want to touch on the basics on this movie and not give any spoilers but this is definitely recommended. Please support indie movies.


Review written by Aaron Friar

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