Interview with Charlie’s Farm & BOAR writer and director Chris Sun

This week, we had a really cool interview with the one and only Chris Sun.

The Charlie’s Farm & BOAR director/writer sat with us to talk about his movies and his career. Here’s the full interview:

1. What was the most difficult scene to film on the set of Boar and why?

There is a fight scene where Nathan Jones has to fight with the practical beast; this scene was a huge challenge for many reasons. The scene involved stunts, breakaway tables, breakaway doors and a 14ft monster that had to be pushed into every position by many crewmembers.

What we thought we could do in 8 hours turned into nearly 24 hours over 2 nights. On screen it’s over in a few minutes, but to shoot it was hard work not only for the crew but also for Nathan and the pig crew sitting inside the giant boar.

Sometimes on set I get what I think are “great ideas” as I’m sure other directors do as well, where you get so fkn excited in the moment and you come up with crazy on the spot shots that you just have to get.

Well I have them a lot when I’m on set and on this night I saw this old cupboard in the back of the shed so I asked Nathan if he could grab it and on cue throw it at the Boar, Nathan was like “shit yeah I can do that easy”.

I still can’t believe I told him to do this because this was a real cupboard NOT a breakaway one, everyone was getting set and ready to go, the beast was in place and all he had to do was wait for ACTION and throw the cupboard towards the pig and NOT hit it. We had the camera set up directly behind him so it would look like it impacted and we wouldn’t actually damage the beast.

Something happened and communications lines were broken. As Camera was getting set up (Luckily Rolling) Nathan Picked up that cupboard like he was ready to pitch a fast ball, he started his wind up and all I remember is hearing Andrew Conder our DOP Yelling WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, but it was too late Nathan let go of that cupboard like it was nothing, we all watched as it flew through the air like a paper plane aiming right for the giant pig. Now Nathan is a big man, just shy of 7Ft. and was in many strong man competitions and a WWE Wrestler so this cupboard would have been like throwing a baseball to him. I remember thinking please don’t hit the pig, please don’t hit the pig, then BANG it smashed into the face of the beast snapping off one of the tusks, Nathan turns around to Andrew after the impact and says “OH you said, WAIT! Sorry I got excited” all we could do was laugh and replace the tusk and keep on shooting.

I think over all that fight scene turned out awesome and is full of great action, so sometimes the most difficult can turn out to be the best scenes.

2. What can the fans expect in Boar?

Fun, lots of fun.

I think all my films have elements of comedy, gore, suspense and lots of death. BOAR is a serious movie but also doesn’t take itself too seriously; there is a lot of comedy in the film. John Jarratt and Roger Ward are perfectly cast together and have some amazing scenes that audiences really seem to enjoy. They play a couple of pissheads camping out for the night whilst they work as fencing contractors on a local Property.

Althought there are many serious scenes in BOAR I think the roller coaster ride the audience goes on makes for a fun viewing experience. One minute you’re watching someone get f@%ked up by a giant boar then the next minute you’re having a chuckle at some funny dialogue.

I think fans go to movies to step out of reality for a while and hopefully enjoy what we directors put out there for them to watch. So to answer you question, “What can the fans expect from Boar?” A fun creature feature with lots of cool kills, action and some good laughs along the way.

3. Your a fan of old school practical FX, was there much CGI in BOAR and how does this compare to the practical beast?

I’m a huge fan of practical FX, there is nothing better then chopping off a silicone head or other body parts and watching the FX blood squirt everywhere. The 80’s were the best horror movies in my opinion and I try to be as practical as much as I can. With BOAR I had to have a healthy mix between practical FX and CGI, we needed the CG guys to help us make the Boar run and perform different actions that we couldn’t get the full size practical fiberglass beast to do.

BOAR was my first creature feature, we reached out to FX Legend Steve Boyle and had Steve and his team build a full size boar around 14 Ft. long and 8 Ft. tall weighing in at around 5-600kgs (with no body inside) and a half beast to mount onto the front of trucks made for ramming into stuff.

It took 3 men inside the beast to make him move and a team of people outside also pushing him around. We would have one driver to control all of the head movements, opening and closing the mouth, ears, tongue and snout. One man would control shoulders and another the breathing along with a fourth person and remote control outside to blink and move the eyes.

It was important for me to use the practical beast in as many shots as possible, also using him made it easier I believe for the actors to act along side him. But there were scenes we had no choice and we used a CG version of the beast to complete the shot/edit. BOAR certainly didn’t have the budget of say Jurassic Park but I think the team we had building the CG beast and shots were absolutely amazing and I think it all works well on screen. I’m sure sometimes the Audience can pick the CG beast but I think they are having so much fun or are so into the carnage that’s happening on screen they just don’t give a shit. I think over all there is around 70% practical beast in BOAR and 30% CGI, so I’m definitely happy with the end result.

4. Are you a fan of the sequels/prequels? Can we expect a sequel of Charlie’s farm or BOAR?

The fans of Charlie’s Farm can smile because YES they will get to see more of Charlie Wilson FKN people up in the next year or two. When I wrote Charlie’s Farm I had always planned to make a second one. I had so much fun with CF and the kills are just awesome, so when I finally do number two get ready for even more violent kills.

I was chatting to Nathan Jones (Charlie) about this some time back and we have come up with some really cool and violent kills, one is like a tribute to “Cannibal Holocaust” which will be a really awesome kill. Both Nathan and myself are keen to do CF part 2. The thing is I want it to be R Rated I don’t want to make Charlie an MA film, so it will come down to the right producers and investors keen to make it with us knowing we may not theatrically release because of the rating, but you never know I guess.

As for BOAR I don’t think there will be a part two, it’s not something I have thought about. Maybe one day I’ll write a part two or someone may send me a script that is just too good and has to be made but for now I’m happy to leave giant pigs alone and move on to other projects and ideas.

5. What are you the most proud of when you look at your own career?

I think releasing a film after all the hard work is when I’m proudest to be honest. I mean you have moments where you sit down and you feel awesome inside but nothing beats the feedback from the supporters, people around the world that watch your work and let you know that they loved it. Sometimes you get bad comments or reviews and I remember when I first started out making movies I would get so upset by the bad comments/reviews but then I realized I can use some of these negative feedbacks as a learning tool, and try and covert them with my next film.

I remember seeing my second film Daddy’s Little Girl on a pirate site, at first I was furious as it’s so hard to make any money as an indie filmmaker and you need your film to sell to try and pay back investors and to hopefully get future work. I realized there was nothing I could do so I put a comment on there telling people that although I didn’t agree with them stealing my work I was stoked they were watching my film and enjoying it, I asked that if they liked my film to please purchase a copy and show their support. The response was amazing from some of the people pirating the film, I remember this one chap commented saying he loved my comment so much and the way I handled it that he wouldn’t pirate my movie and when he could afford it he would one day purchase the film.

I read his comment and never thought it would truly happen but it did make me feel good knowing he cared about the little guy. Then a couple of months later we received an order on our web site for Daddy’s Little Girl with an email follow up reminding me who he was and my pirate site comment.

This was a proud moment for me as I managed to convert one person from stealing my work to actually purchasing it and supporting independent filmmakers. He now owns all my films and is keen to get BOAR when it’s released.

I have repeated this on pirate sites with Charlie’s Farm now and I think this approach has helped build up my fan base more and increase sales. I totally hate the fact people are pirating my work but if we take the right approach we can slowly convert them over to becoming loyal supporters and future customers.

One other thing I’m extremely proud of is when we had the Australian Premiere for BOAR I got to walk the red carpet with my kids, that was especially proud day for me as BOAR has taken a long time to complete and I’m always telling my kids to never quit and walking them down that red carpet for the premiere really proved to them that you can accomplish anything if you just work hard for it.

6. You’ve worked with some pretty awesome actors now what can you tell us about them and what were they like to work with and did you enjoy killing some of them on screen?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented actors both up and coming and named actors in my short career so far.

In my second film Daddy’s Little Girl I shoved barbed wire up a pedophiles ass played by Christian Radford an Aussie up and comer. In Charlie’s Farm I tore a gun through Tara Reid’s stomach, ripped the throat out of Kane Hodder, blew Bill Moseley’s head apart and shoved a severed penis into Sam Cowards mouth. All very enjoyable kills I must say, if you haven’t seen Charlie’s Farm definitely check it out, lots of great kills in that one.

For BOAR I was lucky to work with so many amazing Australian named Talent and USA’s Bill Moseley (Devils Rejects). The cast list for BOAR is awesome we have John Jarratt (Wolf Creek), Nathan Jones (Charlie’s Farm), Roger Ward (Mad Max), Hugh Sheridan (Packed to the rafters), Simone Buchanan (Patrick), Ernie Dingo (Crocodile Dundee 2), Chris Haywood (Razorback), Melissa Tkautz (Real Housewives of Sydney), Ricci Guarnaccio (MTV’s Geordie Shore), Sam Coward (Charlie’s Farm), Steve Bisley (Mad Max) and some amazing up and coming actors, I would definitely work with all these guys again if the opportunity arose that’s for sure.

The were all great to direct, some of the veteran actors bring a lot experience to the set, I learnt so much from them and vice versa, I think the key to being a good director is to listen to your actors as well. Sometimes actors can have amazing ideas and you need to be open to their suggestions, then sometimes you need to have the courage and/or experience to say NO I want it this way hahahaha.

I wont talk about what happens to any of these actors in BOAR, I’ll let you watch the film to see but I can say they have all done a great job and this film is amazing because of them and if they do die in BOAR then YES I totally enjoyed killing them!!

7. What’s your favorite horror film?

As I have mentioned earlier I’m a huge fan of the 80’s style horror movies, I can’t really say I have a favorite one but if I had to choose I would say it’s close between “Pumpkin Head, Evil Dead and Frankenfish”. These movies are just awesome in so many ways hahahaha. You also can’t go past the greats like American Werewolf in London, Jaws, The Exorcist and Lost Boys.

Look I just love horror films, Tremors is another one, not really horror but such a fun film. All these films were driven by amazing practical FX so anything like that is a top movie for me.

There is also amazing films coming out these days as well, there is so many talented filmmakers out there making shit hot films, we need to be supporting everyone as some of the “B” grade films are way better then these big budget movies you see out there.

8. When can we expect to see BOAR?

BOAR is being distributed by Universal Pictures Australia and has a limited theatrical release across Australia from June 17th with DVD, VOD coming a few months after.

USA and other territories are handled by Shoreline Entertainment our sales agents. I know they have been placing BOAR in a lot of countries and in International festivals, as for release dates and theatrical dates in different countries I don’t know these yet but once I do we will post them on the Official BOAR Facebook page so please keep an eye on our page for these details.

9. What is your next movie?

I’m currently writing a script called “House for Rent” it’s my first go at a ghost film and there is already interest in this film and YES it will have lots of practical FX. If I were to describe House for Rent it would be “13 Ghosts meets Evil Dead meets Flatliners”

My partner and producer Chrissy wants me to turn my novel “ED” into a film, it’s a really f@%ked up book, it’s “50 Shades of Grey meets Ed Gein” so would definitely be a fun film to make with lots of great practical FX as well. Watching a movie about skinning people and making furniture out of their skins mixed with ghosts and lots of erotica just seems like too much on screen fun. I would totally watch this, as I’m sure there are many fans out there that would also.

My US management also have a few projects they have pitched me that seem amazing and I’m keen to sink my teeth into anyone of them but for now I just want to release BOAR and do some of the festivals internationally then I’ll make a decision about what will be next, you never know it may be Charlie’s Farm part two but we will have to wait and see.

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