It: Chapter 2 begins filming this July according to Bill Skarsgård

IT: Chapter 2 is to start shooting this summer and expected to arrive in theaters September 9, 2019.

The first installment managed to gross $700,381,748 world wide and was one of the best received R-Rated of last year.

You might be asking yourself what we can expect from the second installment and here’s what Bill Skarsgård who plays the terrifying PennyWise The Dancing Clown has to say during a recent interview with Den of Geek.

“We’re gearing up for it now, so I’m sort of in the process of getting back into that character of Pennywise,” said Skarsgård on the line from Sweden, where he lives. “I’m sort of in the mindset and we’re gearing up for it. I think they start in July. I’m not sure exactly when my start date is, but some time this summer.”

Skarsgård also continues, describing how he and director, Andy Muschietti, had discussions of Pennywise’s evolution throughout the 27 years between the first and second film.

“We’re figuring it out, you know… I have a very good relationship with Andy (Muschietti), not only as a director and actor, but also just as a very close friend, so we’re having fun with it and we’re figuring out what we’re going to bring to the table for part two”

Casting has shaken up very nicely and so far the only adult version of the Losers Club that has yet to be cast is Mike Hanlon. Andy Muschietti is set to return as director with a script from Gary Dauberman.


  • James McAvoy (Split) will play the adult version of Bill Denbrough.
  • Bill Hader (Hot Rod, Power Rangers) will play Richard Tozier.
  • Jessica Chastain (Mama) will play Beverly Marsh.
  • James Ransone (Sinister) will play Eddie Kaspbrak.
  • Jay Ryan (Neighbours) will play Ben Hanscom.
  • Andy Bean (Transformers: The Last Knight) will play Stanley Uris.

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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