[REVIEW] Pickings is surprisingly intense

This movie starts off feeling like a low budget Sin City which is very awesome.

The titles are amazing and pop out at you like you were reading a graphic novel. I love the fact the director didn’t have big name actors or actresses in this movie it feels much more grounded with its budget the fast pacing makes worth while.

I don’t know if what I’m viewing will be the finished product this is by no means a “horror” movie since our site is infamous horror. It will keep fans of the genre intrigued throughout however from the style it is made comes off like a Midnight movie. Which is a compliment for this kind of movie.

It’s really surprisingly intense. My goodness the mother is a force to be reckoned with! Making her a cult icon if this movie catches on. I really hope it does. The whole cast and crew deserves credit.

Elyse Price has the most break out performance as Jo Lee-Haywood as the single mother will remind of kick ass women on screen like Jamie Lee Curtis and a mix between a female version of Bruce Willis. She really commits and commands the screen if she isn’t getting any buzz around the independent film circuit it will be a shame. This is by far the best B movie in years. However the screener I received from the director Usher Morgan makes me question if it’s a finished product.

Even though it is a great B movie it’s not perfect and just because I got an exclusive screener doesn’t mean I won’t sugarcoat anything I didn’t like or wasn’t a fan. One of the main issues I had was the movie had way too movie cut scenes where it faded out and faded into a different scene and go back and forth in timelines of the film.

The kid who played Dawson was the weakest out of the main cast but he was a kid actor so I’ll let most of that slide he’s still learning. I wish the character Uncle Joe had way more to do in the movie. The mob had its up and down with uneven acting but pretty much solid for the most part. The directing was solid as well along with the writing. Overall the movie does come highly recommended.


Synopsis :

A short-tempered mobster and his gang of thugs bite off more than they can chew when they try to shake down a bar owned by a mysterious woman with a dangerous past.


  • Katie Vincent
  • Elyse Price
  • Yaron Urbas


Written and Directed by: Usher Morgan


Release date:

August 3

Article written by Aaron Friar

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