The Unfriended: Dark Web trailer is coming this week

The teaser for the Unfriended sequel trailer was released and attached to Blumhouse Tilt’s Upgrade and it was intense as hell.

The plot surrounds around a group of friends in an online group chat which someone has taken a laptop from a local cafe’s lost and found.

If we learned anything from this technology driven age never pick up any technology left behind. If they leave flash drives hard drives or computers they probably left a back door code where they can follow your every move. We find out there’s a secrete folder on the computer filled with videos of what seems to be caged females in gas containers and in abandoned wear houses. These friends are unsure if it is real or fake at this point until we see a females eye from a gas tank container.

Everyone freaks out and says we have to do something now and fast. Then we see a notification from an anonymous person that says if you call the police you die if you close the window you die if you disconnect you die then one of their friends is seen being tossed from the apartment building.

Then all hell breaks lose as they put these people through a living hell. I haven’t been a fan of found footage in a long time but this looks interesting.

The trailer is supposed to come out this week.


  • Chelsea Alden
  • Betty Gabriel
  • Rebecca Rittenhouse
  • Colin Woodell


  • Stephen Susco (writer, director)
  • Jason Blum (producer)

Release date:

  • July 20

Article written by Aaron Friar

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