[REVIEW] Upgrade was worth the wait

This was a huge step up from Leigh’s previous directing efforts it had a very stylish science fiction vibe on a lean $5 million reported production cost.

He was very confident throughout and was like a seasoned vet. Taking notes from Saw and Insidious alum James Wan.

This movie is not perfect there are a few flaws in the plot and the pacing can feel a little uneven at times which is understandable in any science fiction film mixed with another sub genre. This is not completely horror like Blumhouse tilt would like to promote it to be. It’s easy to promote the horror and gore aspect to get people in the seats.

The acting was over all solid and engaging enough for a b movie to make a triumphant return. Logan Marshall-Green has a very charismatic performance doing the best he could do with the character playing it like a poor mans Tom Hardy. Melanie Vallejo has barely anything to do highly dissatisfying wishing they would have had more bite to their relationship.

Harrison Gilbertson played Eron like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. The genius who created STEM which helps Grey return to walking again after his wife gets killed and he became crippled after the attack. From what seems like just a random hit at the time. Then turns out STEM is in charge of everything going on nothing is what it seems in this stylish movie.

When the premise gets going it turns into a science fiction version of Death Wish. If you like Grind-house and B action movies I will highly recommend this to you to search it out and see it on the big screen and support independent movies.



  • Leigh Whannell (writer & director)


  • Logan Marshall-Green(Grey)
  • Melanie Vallejo(Asher)
  • Harrison Gilbertson(Eron)

Synopsis :

Upgrade is the story of a low-tech guy, Grey living in a high-tech near future World. After Grey loses his wife and is severely injured in a crime. A reclusive genius named Eron gives him a chance of being better,stronger, and faster than ever before..

Article written by Aaron Friar

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