[INTERVIEW] Anthony Raus talks about his upcoming short horror film “Abstraction”

Today, Infamous Horror had the chance to talk with Anthony Raus, the director and writer of the upcoming short horror film Abstraction.

Read the interview here:

1. How Long have you been involved with the process of this short film?

A: Started writing in February or beginning March

2) What movies have inspired you to be a filmmaker?

A: All movies. 80’s 70’s Loves the suspense sub genre like Halloween, The Shining.

3) How do you plan on releasing the short film?

A: Really hard to predict sending out to a few festivals.

4) What has been the most exciting part of the project for you so far?

A: Never Done a haunted house and wanted to do one.

5) What did you find to be the most difficult process of the film to be?

A: Location scouting because it takes place in an isolated cabin.

6) If you have any advice for up and comers in the film making business what would it be?

A: Don’t let people tell you you can’t do anything you have to an Hard exterior also. It’s takes a hard shell.

7) Are you planning on making this a feature length project in the future?

A: it’s hard to say because the script works as a feature itself.

8. Without spoilers can you tell anything on this film.

A: it’s very unique and all about love and being true to yourself

[EXCLUSIVE] First trailer expected in a couple weeks. We are also lucky as we got the first poster and two photos. Check them below:

Poster made by Camron Gran

Synopsis :

Justine is a once accomplished writer currently on a press tour with her publisher Gabe. who isolates herself in an attempt to revitalize her career while at the same time fighting to stay in the spotlight but she soon comes to realize that she is being haunted by a character she wrote that ruined her creative drive 2 years earlier and caused her career to plummet. The voices in her head have become louder than ever.


  • Mary Liz Adams (The Spaceman Society)
  • Ian Blake Salazar
  • Bella Robinson
  • Allie Shoop
  • Gary Fizer


  • Anthony Raus (writer, director)

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