‘The Human Centipede’ creator is back with ‘The Onania Club’

Tom Six, of Human Centipede acclaim, is back this fall with The Onania Club.

The film is being described as “one of the most vile movie experiences of all time.” Tom Six is doing the describing by the way. The films plot has been under wraps but is said to contain a mostly strong female cast. The 44yr old also claims that along with the female cast that the film will ‘definitely pass the Bechdel test with flying colours’.

For those who don’t know what the Bechdel Test is it’s not what some might think and believe it has something to do with how vile the film is intended on being. The test is actually a test to see whether in a work of fiction featuring at least two women can talk to each other about something other than a man. So for example if in a film two women talk about a back pack, it passes. Why Tom Six mentions this is open for speculation but considering some of the dialogue from Human Centipede 3, we can only imagine what two women might be saying to one another.

Check out the first official poster for “The Onania Club” below, which includes the line: “Come and see, see and come.” If you look closely at the poster there is a variety of imagery from the 9-11 attacks, what looks like a mummified corpse, several different women in various stages from old, sick to what looks to be a woman in sensual bliss.

The film will obviously be something very sexual and knowing the directors past will probably include some sick fetishes to fit into his “torture porn” style of films. The fact that “onania” is an archaic term for masturbation, Six won’t have a problem causing some controversy with his latest work. And we can only speculate what the film has to offer in terms of its vileness.

“The Onania Club” is seeking distribution. The film is eyeing for a fall 2018 release date.


  • Jessica Morris
  • Darcy DeMoss
  • Deborah Twiss
  • Karen Strassman
  • Flo Lawrence


Tom Six (director, writer)

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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