Rick Grimes’ end is nigh on The Walking Dead

It’s been revealed that Rick Grimes time is coming to an end in AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The Waking Dead has been on a steady decline from its earlier seasons. After killing off fan favorites for shock value (Glen and Carl) the show is at it’s all time low with its amount of viewers. And now fans of the show might just have one more reason not to tune in and maybe just catch up on Netflix.

Collider has revealed that Andrew Lincoln, who pays Rick Grimes, is walking away from the series and will only appear in six of the sixteen episodes of season nine. This news is sure to leave fans of the AMC series in shock.

Word is that it was Lincoln’s choice to depart from AMC and that they’re looking to turn Norman Reedus into the show’s lead and will be giving him a considerable amount of a pay increase to take over.

With Chandler Riggs departure causing such controversy, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that the show’s ratings would decline even more with the departure of Andrew Lincoln, as well as, Lauren Cohan’s future with the series up in the air as well. There are some die hard fans that may be willing to stay faithful to the series just to see what will happen to these characters as well as the aftermath of Lincoln’s and possibly Cohan’s departure. I don’t see them walking off into the sunset to carry on their survival off screen, they’re probably going to die.

Season nine of The Walking Dead is likely to premier in the fall but an official air date has yet to be announced.

Sound off below on how you think they will handle Rick Grimes end. Will it be by a walker or Negan?

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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