[REVIEW] Thoroughbreds: The Technique was good right?

The directorial debut of Cory Finley is one that is so prestige and confident it might remind you of a young James Gunn, the camera work was simply breathtaking with the power of the lenses made it feel like a David Fincher flick.

I can’t give Cory enough credit with his debit the writing acting and directing we’re all superb as this might end up number 3 on my top ten genre flicks of the year when all said and done.

The plot unfolded in chapters taking a book out of Tarantino’s style of storytelling. Chapter one we are introduced to Amanda as she comes home to Lilly. We don’t learn much early on except they were friends. Chapter two we find out that Lilly isn’t what she seems as well lying about school and her internship.

As the plot thickens we learn that neither are fans of her stepfather Mark, and that’s when they start to plan to murder him. Cut to what seems to be a high school party we see Lilly then we hear arguing outside as we’re finally introduced to Anton Yelchin in another memorable performance as Tim a low level drug dealer who is in a fight and gets docked in the eye and leaves…. in chapter three we see the two friends Amanda and Lilly are talking to Tim about the plan to kill Mark.

As the conversation ends we go back to Lilly’s house and see how much of a jerk Mark is to Lilly’s Mom. When Tim returns to Lilly’s house we learn that the two girls recorded their conversation about the murder plot as they plan to blackmail Tim to get the job done.

When the day finally comes Tim backs out last minute and Lilly kills Mark while framing Amanda. We also see towards the end that both Lilly and Amanda find solace with the aftermath as Amanda is accumulating to life in prison and Lilly is adjusting to life without Mark in her life. Over all this was a standout hidden gem most may have missed in theaters since it got a limited release from Focus Features. It’s worth checking out on digital.



  • Olivia Cook (Ready Player One)
  • Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch & Split)
  • Anton Yelchin(Star Trek, The Green Room


  • Cory Finley (screenwriter, director)

Run Time:

  • 92 minutes

Synopsis :

The film follows Childhood friends Lilly and sociopathic friend Amanda as they scheme to kill formers stepfather Mark. When they hire low-level drug dealer Tim to do the job he backs out last minute. Lilly makes her final decision to kill Mark and frame Amanda.


Review written by Aaron Friar

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