A ‘Blair Witch’ TV Series is in the works at Liongates

Today it was revealed that Lionsgate is currently working on a Blair Witch tv series.

It was mentioned in a Deadline article for the studios new slate of digital content. Along with that the long rumored Waiting… series is in the works as well.

2016’s Blair Witch reboot didn’t fair as well as Lionsgate might have hoped but still it is pretty cheap going in to the woods filming some kids being scared.

The original film, ‘The Blair Witch Project’, made a whopping 248 million on a $60,000 budget. Even though Lionsgate also released a sequel a few years later that flopped the initial projections are what’s probably leaning them towards squeezing every drop they can out of the franchise.

Are you guys excited to see a TV Series on The Blair Witch Project?

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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