Jason Blum confirm when we will see the “Halloween” trailer

Jason Blum teases “Halloween” trailer on Twitter.

After the release of the Halloween trailer at Las Vegas’ CinemCon, alot of things on the trailer has been released. Here’s what we know on the trailer:

What we’ve heard from the Cinemacon trailer for Halloween is that it opens up like a Mockumentary as a woman says “1-2-3 testing” for a sound check. In front of a mental patient hospital, as the first sequence we learn there’s nods to the original Halloween including them talking about 1978 and Dr. Loomis. We see the camera crew walk through the hospital as the patients are spread out in their own separate areas they walk up to one in particular and say “Hello Michael” the man says “I have something you may want to see” he goes into his bag and pulls out the mask!

Then it cuts to Haddonfield, Illinois kids are walking on the street very much like the original movie we realize one of these kids is Laurie Strode’s granddaughter. The girl who Michael Myers terrorized 40 years ago. The girl explains that her grandmother has long been traumatized by the incident and that, despite rumors, Michael is not her brother. (Which is a nod to the fact this movie ignores every other Halloween movie besides the first one).

Now were introduced to the 2018 version of Laurie Strode who looks like she has been preparing for the fight in case Michael does break out of the hospital. She’s trained she has guns She even tells someone she prays every night the Michael does escape. As they ask why she replies “So I can kill him!”

Laurie soon finds out that a bus from the hospital got into a crash and Michael has indeed escaped. The trailer then cuts to a bathroom where a girl is sitting in a toilet stall. A pair of boots enters the room. She explains that the stall is occupied. We see that, in another room, a man in a garage has been killed. Back in the bathroom, a closed fist goes over the top of the stall and drops something onto the girl. It’s teeth. She screams. Cut to Myers finding the mask and putting it back on.

Then the classic John Carpenter them comes on. Michael has made his way back to Haddonfield. Laurie says she’s going to protect her family and we see that it’s Halloween and the streets are packed with kids. Then, she sees him in an upstairs window. Laurie takes aim and fires. But she hit a mirror.

A long montage of knives and guns. Finally Laurie is looking for someone and screams “Michael!” The trailer ends in the room of a young boy. He asks his babysitter to close the closet door. She tries, but it won’t close. She tries again. And again. Finally, she opens the door to see what’s blocking it and, yup, it’s Michael Myers. He grabs her and the trailer ends.

Jason Blum confirmed on his Twitter account that the Halloween trailer is coming Early June.


  • Judy Greer
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Virginia Gardner
  • Nick Castle
  • Will Patton


  • David Gordon Green (director, screenwriter)
  • Danny McBride (screenwriter)
  • Jason Blum (producer)
  • John Carpenter (executive producer)

Synopsis :

Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago

Release date:

October 19, 2018


Article written by Aaron Friar

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