[REVIEW] When the perfect vacation goes wrong

This movie had a very good first act with fine acting and awesome cinematography.

As we were introduced to the main characters it’s hard to really like any of them let alone want any of them to survive a typical horror movie. With a wealthy man having an affair and his girlfriend who seemingly has no problem with that fact(Yeah, Ok good writing…). When Jen’s boyfriend’s two scumbag friends show up with guns at the door we supposedly don’t know why they are there until he shows up(again kind of lazy writing) They do however do a good job at subtle foreshadowing having WWE Smackdown on the tv when his friends finally arrive and they’re having a party outside letting you know something is about to go down.

Sure enough she leads one of the scumbag friends on as she dances with him in front of her wealthy boyfriend. The next morning comes around as he tries to hit on her and gets rejected by her telling him he’s not her not type(not tall enough… yeah I think it’s more like not rich enough at this point) then it gets into usually formulaic territory from here on out which is really sad by how the film started off with so much promise. She gets raped by Stan after getting rejected then she’s dealing with the fact laying in bed wanting to go home threatening her boyfriend she will tell his wife everything if she can’t go home right away.

Then she gets tossed around and thrown off a cliff right on to a stick that looks like it would do the trick and kill her as we are shown it went right through her stomach and she is bleeding out with ants crawling all over her body. That should be it right? As her boyfriend and his friends try to cover up the accident by treating this like a normal vacation? Nope we still got another act to follow so about a good 10 minuets after we’re shown how they’re trying their best to stay normal as possible then she starts breathing again and goes for…. “Revenge”!!… Take it from me if you seen revenge movies before you know how it goes from here.

The highlight of this is the cinematography and the director is directing with much more confidence than the writing of the movie. This is nothing new nothing really special, as hit only Video on Demand platforms for a Shudder exclusive it’s just another formulaic entry in this horror sub genre. If you do subscribe to Shudder this movie may be worth a watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon but nothing more.



Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz
Kevin Janssens
Vincent Colombe
Guillaume Bouchède

Directed By:

Coralie Fargeat

Written By:

Coralie Fargeat

Synopsis :

Jen and her boyfriend are enjoying the perfect getaway until his two friends show up as tensions rise and things go awry when they leave Jen for dead.



Article written by Aaron Friar

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