The Slender Man is coming this summer

This Summer Slender Man comes to theaters. Directed by Sylvian White ( The Losers) and bringing together Joey King and Javier Botet, both who starred together in The Conjuring Universe.

Originally slate for May 18, 2018 it was pushed back for unknown reasons to August 24, 2018. Slender Man will be distributed by Screen Gems.


  • Joey King ( THE CONJURING )
  • Javier Botet ( IT )
  • Annalise Basso ( OUIJA )
  • Julia Goldani Telles ( The Affair )
  • Jaz Sinclair ( PAPER TOWNS )
  • Taylor Richardson ( A MOST VIOLENT YEAR )
  • Kevin Chapman ( MYSTIC RIVER )


  • Sylvian White ( DIRECTOR )
  • David Birke ( WRITER )
  • Victor Surge ( CHARACTERS BY )
  • Brad Fischer ( PRODUCER )
  • Ryan Cunningham ( EXECUTIVE PRODUCER )


Based on the popular, controversial legend of the same name. SLENDER MAN is a tall, thin, horrific creature with elongated arms and a featureless face. Thought to be responsible for the haunting and disappearances of countless victims.

SLENDER MAN haunts a group of four teenage girls, psychologically and supernaturally, in a small town in Massachusetts. The girls perform a ritual in order to debunk the lore of Slender Man, only to find themselves immersed in terror as one of their friends mysteriously vanishes. Now, the girls fear that the legends are true and their friend has become one of Slender Man’s latest victims.

Release Date

SlenderMan creeps it’s way into theaters August 24, 2018

Article written by Daniel Natalie Bowers

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