American Horror Story Season 8 first details

Season 8’s production hasn’t yet begun but already details are leaking out about the newest installment in American Horror Story history.

Many fans thought that season 8 might finally be a cross over season, but it isn’t shaping up to look that way. The newest season, which may be subtitled “Radioactive,” will premier at some point during 2018, but no one has said when. Murphy has refused to comment on the subtitle for this season, Entertainment Weekly reports him saying this: “I heard about that rumor. Well, that’s based on a fact that we’ve cleared a lot of titles for that show. It’s an interesting idea. I can neither confirm nor deny.”

Evan Peters, Billie Lourd and Kathy Bates are all set to return. Kathy Bates was away from season 7 for her Netflix comedy series Disjointed, but will be continuing on in the AHS story. Evan Peters, AHS powerhouse and main stay of the series will be returning, and has released a photo of himself with cold cream and rollers on with the tag of AHS. We look forward to what his character will be. Billie Lourd will also be back, but we have no hints as to what she is going to be doing as of yet.

Production is set to start around mid June, with the show premiering sometime in the fall.

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