[EXCLUSIVE] Infamous Horror talks with ‘Death House’ producer Rick Finkelstein

Today, May 19, we got an exclusive interview with ‘Death House’ Producer Rick Finkelstein. He talked to us about his new movies called ‘Camp Twilight’ and ‘Killer Rose‘.

First, let’s talk about ‘Camp Twilight’. Rick just got back to California. He was in South Florida, where he’s from, to shoot the movie. It took 13 days to shoot the movie and Rick described the filming as ‘awesome‘.

Camp Twilight is a ultra low budget horror movie with an incredible cast. The movie does have a little bit of comedy but the film is a ‘Heavy Style Slasher Film‘. It was made for less then Three Hundred Thousand dollars, but has the production value of a Two Million Dollar Film.


  • Vernom Wells
  • Felissa Rose
  • Linnea Quigley
  • Camille Keaton
  • Dave Sheridan
  • Steven Chase
  • Barry Jay Minhoff

Young Newcomers :

  • Brooklyn Haley
  • Cougar Macdowell
  • Angela Glucowski
  • Dondre Tuck
  • Haileigh Hopkins
  • Harris Sebastian


  • Brandon Amelotte

Produced by :

Entertaiment Factory in association with Pelican Films


  • Rick Finkelstein
  • Steven Chase

*With a special appearance by Shaman The Shepherd.*


Release date :

He told us that they are already talking about a sequel. Camp Twilight is set to come out this october.

Rick also told us that you can go on ICastNow, create an account and when it is done, you just have to find the movie that YOU want to audition for a part in. You will have to download the lines for the character you want to audition for and then record a video of yourself performing the lines you downloaded. After all of the things done, you submit your video and you can share your audition on social media and your friends and family can vote for you as much as 10x by day. Isn’t it incredible?

Killer Rose :

Killer Rose is a movie that Hollywood is dying for according to Rick.


The movie is about a stripper who gets killed and nobody knows that she have a sister that is a badass contract killer. Her, and the owner of the stripclub (a woman aswell) go on man killing spree until they find the person who killed her sister.

In his words:

Not only is this gonna be a bloody great horror movie but I believe that women that would normally go to see a horror movie will go see this because they are supporting women, not just the horror movie.

Are you excited to see these movies?

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