Bloody Hell! They cancelled Lucifer and left us on a cliffhanger

Season 3 finale of Lucifer left us on a cliffhanger of biblical proportions that Lucifer fans were waiting for, well… for eternity.

Can’t wait for season four to see where this will be going. But wait, our friends at FOX decided that Lucy is not coming back for a fourth season.

FOX said it’s decision is purely based on ratings and had nothing to do with the quality of the show. This didn’t seem to make things easier for writer Joe Henderson, that seemed “fucking hurt” to use his own words.

This launched the #savelucifer and #PickUpLucifer movement in an attempt to convince another network or online content provider to pick up the show. I could name a few Netflix series I would cancel to make some room.

Let’s just hope the movement is strong enough to convince another network to step in and bring us back our favorite demon for a fourth season.

This is just another example of networks letting us down without a proper ending to a series after we invested our self into it for years. It would be the least of things for networks to plan for a cancellation and not leave us, the fans, the people that make your money, without proper closure.

Hope to see you soon Lucy.

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