‘The House that Jack Built’ makes viewers uncomfortable

Lars von Trier was at Cannes festival yesterday to present his latest horror movie ‘The House that Jack Built’ and what can we say is that it made everybody uncomfortable.

More than 100 people walked out during the screening. Some called the movie ‘Vomitive’, some called it ‘Torturous’ and some others ‘Vile’.

Ramin Setoodeh (@RaminSetoodeh) from Variety showed two stills on his Twitter account of people walking out and the other one of how much people were in the theater at the end of the screening. Take a look by yourself:

I can tell you i’ve never ever been this excited for a movie in my life. I love this genre of movie when there’s blood, and uncomfortable scenes. I might actually be the only one who liked The Human Centipede.

Riley Keough, Uma Thurman, Jeremy Davies and Matt Dillon stars in ‘The House that Jack Built’.

No release date is set yet in the USA for the movie.

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