Fiona Dourif, star of Chucky, is set to play in ‘The Purge’ TV Series

The First Purge, the new installment in The Purge  series is going to hit theaters this July 4. We already known that a TV Series was planning by Blumhouse and now we got more news on it. Fiona Dourif, star of Chucky is going to be in it as Good Leader Tavis. The Purge TV Series tells the story of a complete national night of The Purge. The show will be presented on USA Network & Syfy.

Gabriel Chavarria (East Los HighWar for the Planet of the Apes) & Jessica Garzia (Six) are also going to be in this TV Series. Anthony Hemingway (American Horror StoryTrue Blood) will direct the first episode.

Until we are waiting for an official trailer, watch the first trailer for ‘The First Purge‘.

This is the official poster.


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