See No Evil 3 is happening + title revealed

Jen & Sylvia Soska recently sat down with Nasty Neal on the Without Your Head podcast and revealed some amazing things during a Q&A regarding a third sequel of See No Evil.

Without Your Head: Did you like the original See No Evil?

Sylvia Soska: I love anything with wrestlers in it. Did I think there were opportunities to make it different? Obviously, because mine is totally different. Mine is basically Halloween 2 with Kane.

Jen Soska: It’s a self-aware, very-80’s throwback-like schlocky horror movie.

Sylvia Soska: Yeah, absolutely. I would’ve gone more Biblical, and with the third one, I’m definitely going to go full-on Biblical. I always wanted to give Jacob Goodnight the power of the curses of Egypt; like water running bloody and the gnats.

Jen Soska: Yeah, and put him in a situation where he’s not just killing teenagers because obviously, he’s strong enough to do that. Put him in a situation where he’s killing people his size, maybe even bigger.

WYH: So the third See No Evil movie; is it actually happening?

Sylvia Soska: We’ve been in talks for Three No Evil for a long time. I want to do it, Kane wants to do it, and the original cast wants to come back because we have parts for them, too. So, the ball’s in your court, WWE.

We hope the see Three No Evil soon. What about you, guys?

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