Creator of “Hellraiser” puzzle box Simon Sayce has passed away

In case you didn’t know, Simon Sayce was the one who designed the iconic prop for Hellraiser. He unfortunately passed away today after a long battle with cancer. The news comes from Simon Sayce’s official Facebook page. Read the statement here: “This morning I received word that Simon​ had passed. Over the past two years I had become friends with Simon Sayce getting to know him, trading bad jokes and off color humor and talking shop on projects we were both working on,” wrote friend Eric Gross. “Sadly his health started to go quickly and he spent less and less time on FaceBook or responding to texts and e-mails. When Simon went quiet, that’s when I knew the mind was willing but the body had just had enough.”
“Simon Sayce was a teacher, a friend and an artist above all else,” Gross added.

Rest in peace, Simon.

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