Our review for “It Comes At Night”:

“It Comes At Night” is one of the biggest Horror films of the year. Since critics called it “A Paranoid Headtrip – Indiewire”, “Soul-Shaking – Paste”, “A Horror Masterpiece – /Film”, “⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Time Out”, we decided we had no choice but to see it in theaters.

So on Friday June 9th, I bought my tickets to see it. We entered in the cinema and the film started. At first, we are all wondering what’s going to happen since a strange prologue is shown. Then, the film started for real. After 30 minutes into the movie, we all understood that it’s not a Horror film with jump scares in it.

The film plays more on the atmosphere, which is terrifying, and makes the viewer perplexed. The characters, played by Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo, Riley Keough, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Griffin Robert Faulkner & David Pendleton are all mysterious and disturbing.

During the whole viewing of the film, the spectator wonders what the famous virus is. However, it is never mentioned in the film, which is incredible since it is up to the spectator to guess what the virus is. The characters touch on the subject of the virus vaguely without ever saying exactly what it is. This leads the viewers to ask themselves many questions after viewing the film. Also,

The pictures of the film are very well done. A24, who is known for his hit films including “The Monster”, “Green Room”, “Moonlight” & “The Witch” once again succeeded in creating a terrifying horror film. We really liked it, which means that we give a nice rating of 4/5.
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