Jeepers Creepers 4 Is Now In Development.

In a Recent Interview with Diabolique, Gina Philips revealed how much of a role her character plays in this upcoming third installment. While also confirming that a fourth Jeepers Creepers film is now in the works. Saying :
“The character’s in me now. Trish is in me – she’s with me – it’s not hard to come back to who she is at the core. But a lot has changed for Trish over the years. She’s a mother; she’s been through a lot. I haven’t gone through anything like what this character has been through – and I’m knocking on wood as I say this because I’m pretty superstitious – but I am a mom now and I understand that journey of, once you become a parent, you would do anything for that child as far as beg, borrow, steal, kill, or die for your child. It was easy to put myself in that place because it parallels my life.”

“Victor has written what happens from the second after the conclusion of ‘Jeepers Creepers 3’. I think that’s all I’m allowed to say about it but he wrote in such detail and he had a lot of flashbacks to what happened over the years that it made it very easy for me. I got to see what will eventually happen to the character and he put enough flashbacks in there that I got to see what happened to her over the last 15 years. Let’s just say, there’s more to come.”
Jeepers Creepers 3 is set release later within this year.

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